Frequently Asked Questions

Who should contact Modular Construction Management?

  • Homebuyers who have been previously turned down for a construction loan
  • Homebuyers who qualify for FHA loans and need to finance the construction of their modular home
  • Modular builders who have homebuyers unable to find construction financing

Why call Modular Construction Management instead of a bank?

  • Conventional construction financing has virtually dried up!
  • Modular Construction Management has access to private funds and has the expertise in modular home building to manage the process

Will the Homebuyer end up paying more interest this way?

  • Modular construction has a shorter construction period than traditional stick-built homes and therefore the accrued construction loan interest is substantially reduced
  • Construction loan rates, as with bank-supplied construction loans, bear higher interest rates than permanent mortgages
  • Construction loan interest is incorporated into the construction loan amount and so there are no out of pocket interest expenses for the buyer while under construction

What is the company's track record?

  • The Modular Construction Management team has been in the retail and wholesale end of modular construction since 1990 and has successfully negotiated the ups and downs of the industry during the past 20 years

I'm a Modular Home builder, what's in it for me?

  • With an approved FHA loan, the builder receives immediate construction funding that may be unavailable using current bank underwriting standards
  • The builder receives full payment on the contract at final completion
  • The builder has the advantage of working with an experienced modular inspector vs. a bank inspector
  • The builder can redeem lost sales as a result of previous bank denials

What's the next step?


"Filling the Modular Construction Funding Gap"